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USDA Home Loan Advantages:

USDA HOME LOANS with 100% Financing

The USDA Home Loan is the only true 100% loan available for borrowers who are not Veterans. The loan product was designed to serve people in areas that are more rural in nature however it is often utilized in the outskirts of metropolitan areas. The USDA Guaranteed Home Loan is offered by private lenders such as PRMI and guaranteed by the government.

Our Loan Originators here at PRMI specialize in USDA Home Loans. Like all of our loans we underwrite USDA Loans in house by our staff of seasoned underwriter’s. Our staff has spent years helping borrowers just like you making the dream of homeownership a reality and often times it is with the USDA Home Loan. Besides being experts at USDA Single Family Lending we also live and work in the very communities we serve.

A few of the eligibility requirements for a USDA Home Loan are where the home you’re buying is located, your credit history as well as your income and the number of people that reside in the home with you.

Advantages of USDA Home Loans

USDA Home Loans with 100% Financing

The most obvious thing about the USDA Home Loan is that it is 100% No Money Down. That is without a doubt a great feature but there are also several other huge benefits as well. The USDA Rural Development Loan has some of the most flexible credit requirements of all loan types. Often time’s borrowers are allowed to have credit scores as low as 620 and they are only required to be 3 years removed from bankruptcy and foreclosure. The USDA Home Loan does have a minimum trade line requirement of 3 trade lines on the borrower’s credit with a 12 month history or the borrower can use alternative trade lines such as utility bills. Another big selling point for the USDA Home Loan outside of No Money Down is that it allows the seller of a home to pay up to 6% of the buyers closing costs which in most cases is more than enough to cover all costs associated with the loan thus allowing the buyer to truly get into the home with no money out of pocket. Another important feature is the low monthly mortgage insurance which can equal a significant amount of money over time.

Qualifying Areas and Income

The USDA Home Loan was designed for individuals that are considered low to moderate income earners in rural areas. The easiest way to search for qualifying areas is to use the USDA Single Family Eligibility Map. The eligible areas are based on population counts that are derived from the most recent census. The map changes as populations grow and shift.

USDA Eligibility Map

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USDA Guarantee Fee

The USDA Home Loan is backed or guaranteed by the U.S Government and what this means is that the government is guaranteeing the lender against the borrowers default.  When a company like PRMI lends money to a borrower using the the USDA Home Loan the government is guaranteeing the loan if the customer defaults. The program is largely funded by collecting fees on the transaction. There is a upfront guarantee fee of 1% and annual fee of .35%. While on one hand no one likes additional costs on a loan the USDA Home Loan has significantly lower fees compared to other loan types such as FHA. The upfront is actually rolled into the loan so the impact monthly is minimal.

USDA Home Loan Closing Costs

Closings costs on a home loan varies based on many factors such as insurance, taxes, and even HOA dues. Taxes and Insurance are the main two things that can change the most based on property location and borrower specifics. Insurance in rural areas often times has a tendency to be higher because often time those areas are served by volunteer fire departments. The flip side of this is taxes are often lower in rural areas. One of the most important things about the USDA Home Loan is that the seller can pay up to 6% of the borrowers closing costs which in most cases is more than enough to cover everything.

First Time Home Buyers

The USDA Home Loan is very attractive to First Time Home Buyers. The thought of no money down is very appealing to all home buyers and especially to First Time Buyers. It can often take many years for someone to save enough money to put 20% down but with the USDA Home Loan that is not needed. A buyer can get a $0 Money Down Loan and use their own funds for other things such as moving.

USDA Home Loan Specialists

Not every lender offers the USDA Home Loan and even some that do may not specialize in this specific loan type. Lenders such as PRMI that have a high focus on the USDA Home Loan are often better suited to serve individuals seeking a USDA Home Loan.